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Here's a wish list of all the different things we are in need of for our children. Some are urgent needs while the rest are our short to medium term goals. 

You have a choice to support any project or need by

  • fully sponsoring it, or

  • making a contribution, or

  • simply purchasing and donating any of the individual items we're in need of. 

Please contact any of our trustees to discuss.



Funds required: Rs 900,000

We need to purchase a bus for transporting the children to outdoor activities. At present, we rely on rented buses. 


Misc ​

We always welcome and appreciate the following donations:

  • Clothing (New)
  • Shoes and socks (New)
  • Stationary

  • Food - Fresh, Frozen or Canned

  • Long life milk

  • Toiletries

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