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Safina Children's Home is committed to extending kindness, compassion and care to children in need. Our children attend good local schools and are supported with additional after-school tuition. They get three nutritious meals daily and we are seeing the results by the time they reach their late teens they are growing into strong healthy young adults.

All children are taught basic computer skills at an in house computer lab. They recite the Holy Quran and offer daily prayers collectively alongside learining Ahkam and Aqaed regularly.

Our children often go on fabulous outings with kind volunteers. They enjoy indoor and outdoor sports.


In short, we take immense pride and satisfaction in striving for a long-term goal, which is simply to give the children a better chance in life. 

Our Vision

To lay and strengthen the foundation of an institution where needy orphans are provided with all the opportunities to develop into visionary and progressive leaders in all walks of life.

Our Mission

To work towards providing modern education, spiritual growth, character building and social skills to orphans and enable them to become contributing members of society and an asset to our country.

Our Values

From the moment we opened our doors, our core value has been to care for children when no one else could. This care sparks hope and promise for a better tomorrow…a tomorrow that’s better for children and ultimately the entire community.

Every decision we make is made strictly in the best interest of children. We work hard to remain true to our mission.

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