Whoever caresses the head of an orphan (in affection), solely for the sake of Allah, a good deed will be written to his account for every hair over which he passed his hand, and whoever treated an orphan with goodness and kindness, he and I will be close to each-other in Heaven as these two fingers

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) raising his index finger and middle finger. 

Safina children’s home was started by Safina welfare services in the aftermath of the October 2005 earthquake to cater to children orphaned in the earthquake. Later on we expanded our services to other areas by taking orphaned children from all parts of the country.

Our mission: To provide education, spiritual growth and social skills to orphans and enable them to become contributing members of our society and an asset to our country.

“Open the door for the children; Tenderly gather them in.”

The Safina Children’s Home seeks to create a community where children feel loved, nurtured, and safe.

Our Values

From the moment we opened our doors, our core value has been to care for children when no one else could or would. This care sparks hope and promise for a better tomorrow…a tomorrowthat’s better for children and ultimately the entire community.

Every decision we make is made strictly in the best interest of children. We work hard to remain true to our mission.

Our Vision

The Safina Children’s Home will be recognized as a national leader in innovative programs and services in the field of child well-being and as an exemplar for the governance, management and operation of non-profit entities. At Safina we strive to achieve overall educational, spiritual and social growth in many ways:

  • Children go to the best of schools.
  • They are provided with private tutors to make up for their weak background in English and math.
  • They are taught basic computer skills.
  • They recite the holy Quran daily.
  • They offer daily prayers collectively.
  • They learn Ahkam and aqaed on a regular basis.
  • The children participate in field trips and extracurricular activities to enhance their confidence and social skills